How do I sell on Shop Latina Made (SLM)?

SLM is a curated online platform that helps Latina makers, independent designers, & authors grow their business.


We’re thrilled to be growing our community of Latina creators on SLM! The first step is to apply here.


Once you've applied, you will receive an email from our team regarding your status and next steps within 5-7 business days. If you haven't received a response, feel free to request an update on your application status here.


After your application is accepted, you’ll provide your product list, photography, and retail details. Our team will then review the information, select products, and design your seller's page. We’ll do all the upfront work for you!


As soon as your profile is created, we’ll send you an activation email.

Will you select all of my products?

We would love nothing more than to select all of your products. However, to ensure SLM is compelling to buyers, product selection is based on current trends, quality of goods, and demand analysis. 

Product selection by SLM team minimizes competition between sellers, prevents any possible copyright infringement, and ensures consistency and innovation throughout the platform. We do not allow you to list any product without our approval. Selling products from other brands or makers on SLM is not allowed. We do not list products above $200. Through our own research we have learned that they will not well on our platform.


Please note that SLM will not select the following products:

  • Premanufactured products

  • Counterfeit products or products that you do not have the right to sell (e.g., products that you do not make or that are not under your brand)

  • Any products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Drug paraphernalia

  • Any hazardous, toxic, flammable, biohazardous, unsafe or dangerous products

  • Dietary supplements

  • Culturally insensitive products

  • Products related to terrorist organizations

  • Confederate flag merchandise

  • Any perishable foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and dairy products

  • Any products containing asbestos or flame-retardant chemicals

  • Counterfeit goods

  • Used goods

  • Any other products that SLM determines in its discretion to be inappropriate for availability on the SLM marketplace.

How much does SLM cost?

SLM charges a 12% commission on all sales. The commission includes payment processing fees, account placement, and covers our costs to secure new customers for you. We only make money when you make money. 


What if I’m outside the United States?

Thanks for your interest in joining SLM! We are always expanding our creative community and are so proud to have sellers shipping to the U.S. We are so excited to review your application as an international seller. To determine if your products are a good fit for our platform, we invite you to apply by clicking here.

Our team will review your application and be in touch regarding next steps!  

How do I get paid?

SML offers ACH Net 15 or 30 after. Once you receive your activation link, you will need add your business bank account information to your seller's profile. Funds appear in your account within 1-2 business days of the payment being processed. 

If you would like to switch payout methods, feel free to reach out to us using here.

What about shipping?

Information coming soon! 

How do I receive orders?

Each time an order has been place, we’ll send you an email. You’ll be able to review the order details and prepare your product for shipping.

What if my order gets broken in transit?

We require all customers to provide a photo of any damaged goods received. We do not issue refunds or initiate returns with out a photo. Once the photo has been reviewed, we’ll let you know. 

What if I want to stop selling on SLM?

Contact our support team here and they’ll take down your page. We don’t have any contracts, so there’s no penalty for closing or pausing your account. Our goal is to offer a pleasant experience so you’ll want to continue partnering with us.

Can I invite other makers to join SLM?

Absolutely! If you have makers you’d like to invite to join you on SLM, we’d love to know about them!